I started baking when I was in high school. On the weekends my best friend and I used to find interesting recipes to try. I still have a lot of these recipes that I make today. When high school was over I headed to college to become a graphic designer.

While in college, baking took a back seat to my studies. I really did not have anywhere to continue my baking passion, since there is nowhere to bake in a dorm room. I let my creative outlet be focused on paper instead of desserts.

After college I started my career as a designer. I loved doing this but still had that itch to bake. So every now and then I would whip out one of my old recipes and make something to bring to work. As time went on my career started taking a shift from being a graphic designer to a web developer.

Since baking still intrigued me I found myself watching a ton of the cake design shows on the Food Network and TLC. Watching these shows got me thinking that I would love to learn how to decorate cakes. I decided to take the Wilton decorating classes. I totally enjoyed this and so did all my co-workers since they got to eat them all. I soon started to find books and watching more cake shows to get new ideas and techniques to try.

In 2013, I entered my first competition. I was astonished when I walked away with 1st place and division win ribbons. I started competition regularly at the cake shows in VA, MD and PA. I have been fortunate enough to walk away with a ribbon on most pieces entered.

In 2016, my cake world took another turn. I started teaching beginner cake and cookie workshops. I want to share my love of decorating with fellow enthusiasts